Curriculum Statement



Ashlands has followed an integrated curriculum approach for a number of years. This was originally using the International Primary Curriculum and recently planning our own bespoke curriculum. The aim of doing this is to link the learning that the children do and so join together the important facts and methods that they cover. We have a memorable, creative, exciting and enjoyable curriculum that has a central book as a starting point for the children to immerse themselves in the knowledge that they are being presented with. Teachers plan together and have input from an outside consultant to link in different subjects, school trips and visits from outside experts and come up with inspiring approaches to cover the learning required. More information about the curriculum your child is following can be found under the classes tab then click on the appropriate year group for your child.

The teaching methods will vary from day to day and over the course of a week the children should get the opportunity to learn in many different ways.

The new content in the National Curriculum will be integrated into the work that the Year groups cover over the course of the academic year. For this academic year Years 2 and 6 will continue to cover the old programme of study for English, Maths and Science will follow the new National curriculum for these subjects in 2015-2016, when new tests will be available.


To see the breakdown of new content please take a look at