Reception with Mrs Dalton, Mrs Clewes, Mrs Shepherd and Mrs Bedford.


Reception Graduation 

Reception Sports Day

Reception trip to Thornton Park

Fun in Reception during Book Week.


As part of our topic ‘People who help us’ both Reception classes visited the local fire station. They listened to fireman Alex tell them how to keep safe and how he helps people.

Each class had to dress their teacher up as a fire fighter and Alex explained why the clothing was important and the equipment they need and use. The children then got a tour of the fire engine and watched how they use the hose to put out fires. Mrs Shepherd and Mrs Dalton found it hard to control the hose and a few children got sprayed with water, it was a good job it was a sunny day!


We have been finding out about Chinese New Year and what people do to celebrate it. We have made lanterns, red envelopes, dragons and listened to two of our children tell us how they celebrate it.

Reception have been finding out about ‘People Who Help Us’. We have had lots of visits from Doctors, Police, Dentists and have many more planned. We are also due to visit the Fire station in Ilkley and Pizza Express and have been posting postcards to our houses to thank our parents for helping us too.

We have been learning to add two sets of objects and counting and ordering to 20.

Pictures from the Autumn Term in Reception