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Welcome parents, carers and teachers of children at Ashlands Primary School! 


Friends of Ashlands, or ‘Friends’ as we are more well known, is the parents-carers-teachers association (P.C.T.A.) for Ashlands Primary School.

Our stated aim is to ‘enhance the Ashlands experience for you and your children’. Whilst the most visible part of what we do is organising  fundraising events to enable the school to buy items for which the school does not have a budget and which are over and above the resources provided by the LEA, that’s only part of the story. As importantly, we aim to provide opportunities for the school community to get together and have fun through a programme of events throughout the year.

 Recent projects which have been wholly or part funded through Friends are a new kiln for the school, new iPads, additional instruments for Razzmatazz and the African drums that can be heard on a Monday afternoon .  Our most recent funding was towards the commissioning of Lewis Morgan to work with the children and staff to produce a bespoke development for our playground.

 Friends is a registered charity (No 1094114) and has an official committee who meet every half term to plan and review events and make     decisions.

These meetings are open to all parents, carers and teachers of the school and indeed many events are organised and run by non-committee   members without whom we could not hope to be so successful.

Getting involved with Friends either by coming to meetings or by volunteering to organise or help out at events is an excellent way to meet new people in the school community. New faces are always welcome and indeed necessary to make sure we can continue the work we do.

 We are delighted that you are part of the school family and we look forward to seeing you at social and fundraising events.

Contact details:-

If you have any queries or would like to help then please email us at friendsofashlands@gmail.com


Class Representatives  

We are also supported by a team of Class Reps who provide links throughout the school and help organise and recruit volunteers for events as       well as volunteering themselves. If you are willing to act as class rep for your child's class please email us at friendsofashlands@gmail.com