Pupil Premium at Ashlands 


Ashlands Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2018 - 2019

Register for Free School Meals

Pupil Premium Guidelines January 2019

The Pupil Premium is a government initiative designed to target resources to those pupils deemed eligible for funding. This funding is used at Ashlands to fund valuable support such as extra tuition, additional teaching staff, small group work or after school activities.

Pupil Premium funding is triggered if a child is eligible for free school mealsIf your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 and therefore already receives a free school meal through Universal Free School Meals Programme it is still important that you register as you will be eligible for other benefits from school (see above link ' Register for Free School Meals') as well as triggering extra funding for school. 

1) Your child may be eligible for free school meals your joint family income is less than £16,190 per year or you (*1) are in receipt of any of the below benefits:

Income Support                                     Income-based Jobseekers Allowance                            Income- related Employment and Support Allowance

Support from NASS (National Asylum Support Service) under part 6 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

The guarantee element of State Pension Credit       Child Tax Credit (with no Working Tax Credit) with an annual income of no more than £16,190

Working Tax Credit run-on                                        Universal Credit

*1 This includes those who have parental rights for the child/children named on this form.

 How to make an application

 Parents should make their claim online at: www.bradford.gov.uk/schoolmeals.This is the quickest method of application. There is a downloadable pdf form on this page that can be printed off from this link.

If you have any difficulties or would like help applying please contact the school office for assistance.

2) From April 2014, schools in England can receive the Pupil Premium for children adopted from care, or who left care under a Special Guardianship Order on or after December 2005. Schools can also claim the Pupil Premium for children who left care under a residence Order on or after 14 October 1991.

The Pupil Premium exists to help schools raise the attainment of students and close the gap with their peers. The Government has extended the coverage of the Pupil Premium in recognition of the traumatic experiences many adopted children have endured in their early lives and a realisation that their needs do not change overnight.

To enable Ashlands to claim the Pupil Premium you will need to inform us about your child and provide supporting evidence, for example, show the original Adoption (Court) Order. You will need to self-declare before the school’s annual School Census (normally October of each year). This will then trigger the payment of the Pupil Premium to the school.

As a school we appreciate sharing such information is sensitive and you may not wish to disclose this information to school. This is, of course, entirely your decision but rest assured that any information shared with school is in the strictest confidence.

Below is a link to a document from the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, which answers the most Frequently Asked Questions.


3) If your family is in the military services then you will qualify for pupil premium.