Ashlands Primary School OFSTED Report 2010

Ashlands Nursery and Before & After School Club OFSTED Report 2015


Quotes from parents:

  • This is an outstanding school where each pupil is catered for exceptionally well.
  •  Excellent leadership of the Head who provides (in the words of a parent) such a fantastic education for our children.
  •  There are spirited and uncompromising leadership and management that involve all staff in driving the school’s commitment to the personal and academic development for every pupil.
  •  Pupils including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities achieve outstandingly well.
  •  Children enjoy their learning and make excellent progress to reach high standards in all subjects when they leave the school.
  •  Exceptionally good preparation for secondary education, high standard and their very good social skills all contribute to preparing pupils outstandingly well for the future.
  •  Exemplary behaviour and spiritual, moral, social and cultural developments are displayed by these joyful and confident young people because they are held in such high regard.
  •  Equality of opportunity for all and tackling discrimination are non-negotiable aspects of the school’s character and they are promoted exceptionally well.
  •  The revitalised curriculum has been extremely effective in improving standards. Excellent provision for ICT leads to broader learning across the subjects as well as in ICT itself. The provision for Art and for pupils to ponder and reflect is exceptional. Pupils of all ages have enquiring minds and develop an abiding curiosity. This is because the curriculum is challenging and fosters intellectual and philosophical curiosity for learning. The school environment is enlivening, dynamic and very attractive because of the numerous examples of children’s work on display.