Sports Funding


Ashlands Primary School Sports Funding. July 2015.


Ashlands already has a number of different sports clubs and opportunities for children to compete against children from other schools in the area.

We are looking at boosting the numbers of children being able to participate and to provide training for staff to be able to continue to provide high quality PE and games experience once the funding has been removed.

 We have calculated that to date the additional participatory sessions for children at Ashlands is:

Boys: 1177.

Girls: 1142.

 Examples of the work that has been funded:

IGS Primary Sports Leagues:                   £3500 (2 academic yrs of funding).

Cricket Coaching:                                      £720.

After school football:                               £1400.

After school basketball:                           £300.

Motor skills movement work:                    £1800.

Forest schools training course:                 £750.

PE equipment:                                            £405.

Forest schools work:                                  £850.

Total:                                                         £9725.

 Amount of grant monies received:             £9690.

 Staff are able to observe sessions provided by outside groups and develop their skills. We would like to develop the Continuing Professional Development opportunities when we find suitable trainers to work with our staff.