The School day


The bell rings at 8.55am when children come into school through their designated entrance.  Parents are responsible for their children before this time.

 Children arriving after this time should come into school via the front entrance by the school office.

Punctuality is imperative so the children do not miss any part of the school day. The discipline of being on time is a good trait to last a lifetime!


 Morning 10:30am until 10:45am          Lunchtime  12:00pm until 1:00pm

 Afternoon   KS1 – 2:30pm until 2:45pm         KS2 – 2:15pm until 2:30pm

 Children are always supervised in the playground during the school day and trained first aiders are on hand if needed.

 School uniform

Our school jumper is emerald green with the red school logo and has been chosen for its practicality and comfort as well as to give the children a sense of ‘Ashlands’ pride and identity within the local community.  Further information regarding school uniform can be found under the school uniform tab. 

 It is not appropriate for children to wear jewellery at school, except where ear studs or sleepers need to be worn.  Watches may be worn but the school is unable to take responsibility for their loss or damage.

 School milk

 Milk is available for pupils all pupils.  This is free to Nursery and Reception children.  A small charge (reviewed annually) payable at the end of each term (for the next term) is made for all other children.  We are not able to provide a refund on the days when children are absent.

 Lunch Times

Meals are prepared on the premises using fresh local produce wherever possible. Our Catering Manager operates a Healthy Options menu that is published around school and sent out to parents.  Both hot and cold options are available and we cater for children who are vegetarian or may require special diet.

 At Ashlands we operate a social dining system where children taking school dinners sit with those bringing packed lunches.  By doing this they are secure in the knowledge that they always have a seat amongst their friends and they can enjoy their food in a relaxed and civilised way.  We use two dining areas and endeavour to ensure there is a continuous flow of children in the self service area to avoid long queues and delays.

 Dinner money can be paid via Parentmail or by cash or cheque. Cheques (made payable to Ashlands Primary School with the child’s name and class on the back of the cheque) and cash should be placed in an envelope marked with the child’s name and the amount enclosed and handed in at the school office or posted in one of the post boxes situated at the school office and Saplings. We ask that parents pay dinner money either termly, half termly or on Monday mornings (or the first day of the school week).

Children who bring packed lunches are asked not to bring hot food in vacuum flasks and we do not allow children to bring sweets.  Drinks should be sent in a non-breakable leak proof container. Although we do not feel it is the school’s responsibility to ‘police’ lunch boxes, parents are asked to ensure that packed lunches are balanced and properly satisfying.

A team of Lunchtime Supervisors look after the children in the dining room and in the playground.  In the event of wet weather children are supervised in classrooms.  We make every effort to ensure that children at lunchtimes are catered for with games and peer leaders. 

 Day Times Snacks

 Children in Key Stage 1 are provided with a fruit or vegetable snack at morning break.  This is through the National Fruit and Vegetable Scheme and there is no charge.

 Children in Key Stage 2 may bring fruit snack/vegetable snack if they wish.  Sweets, chocolate, biscuits or crisps are not allowed.  Snacks should be marked with the child’s name.

 Children are encouraged to bring in bottled water and bottles can be filled at the fountains around school.  Other drinks are not allowed.  Each teacher is best placed to organise access to drinking water in class time.

 Mobile Phones

 Mobile phones brought into school are to be handed into the school office for safe keeping during the school day.  We would advise that only the older children in Year 5/6 may need to bring a mobile phone to school.

Electronic games should not be brought into school except on the very rare occasion when we may have a toy afternoon.

 Lost Property

 We ask that all items of clothing, including PE kits, are labelled with your child’s name.  Un-named lost property is kept in school for a half – term period before it is sent for recycling.  Please ask at the school office for lost property.

 Medicine in School

 We ask parents /carers that if at all possible they come to school to administer medication. In certain circumstances, and normally where the required doseage is four times a day, it is possible for us to administer tablets or medicine to pupils, but only those prescribed by a doctor or dentist.  Please liaise with your child’s class teacher.

 All medicines we agree to administer should be taken to the school office and clearly marked with the child’s name; the correct dosage; time(s) it should be administered; the date of expiry.

 The school is unable to take responsibility for any medicines left on the premises.  Parents are asked to collect medicines from the office at the end of the day.

 If your child has an allergy or medical condition of any description you must tell us.  Please do not presume we know.