About our Nursery


Starting nursery is a milestone for both parents and children. We want to make sure that these first steps away from home are happy for you both. Parents are the first and most important teachers and we will work with you to ensure that your child's first experience of school is a positive one.

At Ashlands Nursery we aim to provide high quality education and care for children who attend our setting. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is the centre of our work and during the week the children access a full and varied curriculum. We ensure that the children learn and develop at their own pace, they acquire some skills quickly while others take a little longer. A play based environment allows the children to learn and practise skills in a way which is meaningful to them.


During the week the children also have PE, computer time, singing and baking as well as lots of play and stories. Messy play is very much a part of everyday life in nursery and although the children wear aprons during creative activities, splashes do go everywhere so expect your child to get dirty!

Outdoor play is an essential part of the curriculum. Nursery and Reception have their own lovely playground as well as being able to use the school field in the warmer weather. Our motto is ' there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!'

Milk, water and fruit or vegetables are available throughout the day and children are able to visit the snack table when they choose to. Lunch is prepared in the school kitchen and served in the nursery classroom. Lunch times are used ti enhance learning, children set out name cards and learn about healthy eating and good hygiene.

We stay in touch with parents and carers through regular newsletters, Stay and Play sessions and Parents Evening's twice a year.


Nursery Teacher                  Mrs C Collin


Nursery Assistants               Mrs K Thomason

                                               Ms K Smith     

                                               Ms Scourfield


Nursery accounts and admin  Mrs K Rowe