Ashlands Primary School

"Where every child has the chance to shine"

Curriculum Statement

At Ashlands we believe it is essential to have high expectations of all children and motivate them to persevere and produce work of high quality. Ashlands has followed an integrated curriculum approach for a number of years – we have our own bespoke curriculum which has been updated to reflect the 2014 National Curriculum. We aim to foster creativity, initiative, independence and problem solving skills. As a staff we strive to ensure that our children are fully equipped to become active and positive members of the wider community – to this end our curriculum is inspiring, creative, innovative and enjoyable with a relevant text as a starting point to enable the children to feel fully immersed in the learning. We believe in the value of a wide range of experiences and within the school year we plan Focus Weeks where the children deepen their understanding of specific areas of the curriculum.

Parents are informed and updated about current themes and events via a half-termly Curriculum Newsletter.

Extra-curricular opportunities are inherent to learning alongside the academic. We offer a wide range of clubs and activities, including football, chess, dance, cross country and many others. Children are encouraged to follow their interests, ‘seize the chance to shine’ and participate in extra-curricular activities, whatever their ability. Children regularly represent the school in competitions and we are proud of our strong reputation for producing successful teams in local events.

We provide opportunities for children to develop their musical skills through peripatetic tuition and various clubs, including the school choir and ‘Razzamatazz’ – our thriving orchestra. ‘Celebration Assemblies’ and ‘Share and Celebrate’ sessions are where parents are welcomed into school to see first-hand their children’s work. Our classrooms and corridors are a colourful and informative reflection of our high standard of teaching and learning.

Children’s individual achievements are recognised through our House point system and weekly assemblies in which we share successes in learning and personal development.