Ashlands Primary School

"Every child has the right to shine"

Welcome to Ashlands

Welcome to Ashlands Primary School, thank you for taking the time to read through our offer.

Our vision is that ‘Every Child has the Right to Shine’ which encourages us to be ambitious for each and every learner in our care.

We have three drivers in place to enhance this offer:


Active Learners drives our ambition to immerse each child in their learning journey. This may be through trips, visitors, getting outdoors or through the use of technology; ensuring that learning is fun and therefore memorable. As a school we are fortunate to have a large field that allows us to provide a wealth of outdoor learning experiences, we have forest schools, an outdoor classroom and many sporting opportunities. We have an inclusive orchestra that all children in KS2 can attend each Friday morning and this year we are learning about bees because we have our own hives.

Successful Communicators is a driver we use to ensure that all children learn to be confident communicators. We teach our children that successful communication is about listening as much as it is about sharing your own views and opinions. Last term (June 23) we took our School Council to The Houses of Parliament and they got to see first hand the importance of effective communication…

Considerate Citizens is an important driver at Ashlands because, as a school, we all work hard to look after our environment and the world around us. In May 2023 our fantastic Eco team (made up of children, parents and staff) were awarded The Green Flag award (with merit). This year a group of children have been selected to be Charity Advocates; they will help classes throughout the school raise money for their chosen charity.

We are a school at the heart of the community and you will regularly see us in and around Ilkley. This year we won The Town Cryer competition, we were on Look North to share our Carnival entry, we are regularly out and about litter picking, we planted flowers outside the station, we had our art work displayed in the library and as a gift to the community our beautiful wildflowers bloom each summer outside our school.

The ‘Friends of Ashlands’ are our PTA and actively support the school with a calendar of events that make Ashlands a vibrant and inclusive community. ‘Friends’ is a welcoming and hardworking group who raise funds to support the extras that can extend the offer that we have in school.

Each child is special and unique, their needs are addressed and tracked through our rigorous ongoing assessment procedures. When and where necessary we put in place individual learning programmes and ensure that outside agencies support the school and family.

We have our own ‘in-house’ catering to providing delicious and nutritious meals for the children taking school dinners. For more information, please look at our ‘school dinners tab’.

This is just a snapshot of what we do and who we are. Do browse through our website and feel free to come and see us at work. We are proud to be accountable for what we do. The best indicators of the performance of Ashlands are the children and the skills, abilities and outcomes they develop during their time here.

At Ashlands School we all take great pride in our achievement and we take great care of each other and our environment.

Donna Russell (Headteacher)

CEO: Ms Helen Williams
Cowpasture Road Ilkley West Yorkshire LS29 8TR
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