Ashlands Primary School

"Where every child has the chance to shine"

Welcome to Ashlands

Children can start in our Nursery from age 3 and leave in Year 6 to continue their learning journey as curious, polite and appreciative young people.

In response to our parents’ feedback we have introduced 50 week opening to provide child care that fits with working families. This has been trialled for our youngest children and we hope to have it available for the whole school by Summer 2023. This integrates with our popular and flexible Before and After school club, Saplings.

Our Integrated Curriculum approach has evolved from the International Primary Curriculum and the changes in the National Curriculum into its present form with a two year rolling cycle to maximise the input of our talented staff team. We continually reflect on our delivery, content and impact to improve this further. We monitor our curriculum in relation to National expectations and best practice to ensure that the work covered is effective, exciting and engaging for every child. We are always looking for opportunities to extend what we do and follow up on many offers made to the school, recent examples includes a visit from a Parliamentary outreach person, initiatives run by retail organisations(we have successfully applied for), corporate businesses and volunteer readers from many walks of life to support children with reading. Extra-curricular opportunities are integrated into our curriculum, and we aim for all the children at Ashlands to take part at some point in their school career.

The Integrated Curriculum approach works well for our children we know this from the many positive comments from questionnaire responses. These responses cover many curriculum areas and the exceptional work that we produce in Art and Music show the creative side of the learning that goes on at Ashlands.

The curriculum is organised into themes, where links have been made to other curriculum areas within the topic and curricular focus. Literacy, History, Geography, DT, Computing and where possible Numeracy and Science are linked under a banner heading related to an Integrated Curriculum through which we aim to increase the children’s motivation, enthusiasm, and engagement in the classroom by making learning meaningful through putting it into context. Every child has only a single experience of childhood and this should be a magical time leaving them with happy memories and learning for life.

The ‘Friends of Ashlands’ are our PTA and actively support the school with a calendar of events that make Ashlands a vibrant and inclusive community. ‘Friends’ is a welcoming and hardworking group who raise funds to support the extras that can extend the offer that we have in school.

Early Learning is a major focus at Ashlands. We have a Foundation Unit, comprising Nursery and Reception Classes. In keeping with our aim to ‘Serve at the Heart of the Community’ we have developed ‘wrap around care’ to complement educational provision in the Nursery. Parents now have the option of accessing full-time nursery facilities.

The Behaviour Policy at Ashlands is positive and based on high expectations for all children. It is complemented by the Home School Agreement. We make every effort to ensure that each child feels happy and secure in school and has a sense of being cared for and valued for who they are. If for any reason a child becomes worried or upset, we act immediately, work with parents and always follow up concerns.

At Ashlands we have a heavy investment in Special Needs. Each child is special and unique, their needs are addressed and tracked through our rigorous ongoing assessment procedures. When and where necessary we put in place individual learning programmes and ensure that outside agencies support the school and family.

We have our own ‘in-house’ catering to providing delicious and nutritious meals for the children taking school dinners. For more information, please look at our ‘school dinners tab’.

This is just a snapshot of what we do and who we are. Do browse through our website and feel free to come and see us at work. We are proud to be accountable for what we do and feel that our excellent results reflect the quality of teaching as well as the support we receive from parents. The best indicators of the performance of Ashlands are the children and the skills, abilities and outcomes that they have in the academic, social, arts and sporting areas of their development.

At Ashlands School we all take great pride in our achievement and we take great care of each other and our environment.

Andrew Soutar (Headteacher)