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Planting for Pollinators!

As you can see the flowerbeds at the front of school are bursting with life!

They needed watering 3 times a week throughout the hot sunny weather and that the rain we had last week gave the plants a really good soak and kick started them flowering.

The plants will flower at different times so there is lots more colour to look forward to. If you are walking past school the flowers that you can see in bloom now are multi-coloured Toadflax, orange and yellow Californian Poppy, pale blue Phacelia and pink Salvia. The tall red plant is called Red Orache.

Bumblebees are visiting the flowers too!!!

We have had some lovely comments and messages from passers-by and members of the public. When we planted the seeds back in early March we didn’t know lockdown was going to happen and so we are especially glad they the flowers are brightening up so many peoples days in these difficult times…

‘My friend and I saw your marvellous wildflowers today and just wanted to say Thank you for creating and sharing such a beautiful display of flowers for everyone to enjoy. Much appreciated’

‘The school’s wild flower areas are a delight to see and were full of bees, when I walked past this morning. This contribution to the neighbourhood does the school great credit. Many thanks to the staff, parents and students who established them’

‘Hi Ashlands, I have no connection to your school but just wanted to email and say… I drove into Ilkley on Friday and passed the spectacular flowers outside the school. If I hadn’t been in a hurry for an appointment I would have stopped to take photos. They are fabulous! Please pass on a huge thank you to the people responsible for the idea and the work involved.’

‘I’m a resident of Ilkley and I just wanted to pass on to your staff and pupils what a wonderful job they’ve done with the wildflower planting at the front of the school. It’s absolutely beautiful and so uplifting to see in these difficult times. Well done to you all – you are a credit to the town!’

‘Can I tell you how much I am loving your wild flower borders around your school !

I walk past every day and part of the pleasure of my walk for me is seeing the flowers !

What a wonderful community project it is, benefiting so many people AND animals !

Well done on an amazing project which must have taken a lot of work and effort !

Also love your beehive – makes me smile when I see it !


‘I just wanted to say how much pleasure your display of wildflowers has given me during lockdown. Watching them grow and now bloom has made me smile each day as I have passed by, thank you.’

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely wildflowers outside your school entrance. They are wonderful and it’s so uplifting to see the school has created such a beautiful and environmentally friendly feature, which is brilliant for beneficial insects.

I’m sure pupils attending the school will grow up with a much better understanding of nature and the importance of protecting the environment. Well done!

I really enjoy seeing the display when I go past the school’

‘Hi I drove past the school yesterday and was blown away by the beautiful flowers. What a lovely thing to do both for wildlife and to brighten everyone’s day. Well done to everyone involved!’

On Saturday 14th March we lifted the turf from the front of school to create the new flower beds. Many thanks to all who turned up to help

At the end of a very wet and windy February the children braved the cold to go outside and plant primroses around the trees at the front of school.